Overwatch Anniversary Event is NOW LIVE! | Happy 1 Year, Overwatch!


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    HAPPY 1-YEAR ANNIVERSARY, OVERWATCH! Yup, it’s finally here! The Overwatch Anniversary event is NOW LIVE and it looks AMAZING! It’s definitely an event worth celebrating one year of Gaming Awesomeness!

    Damn… has it really been a year already? As one of my personal favorite games to date, I’m so happy that I was able to see this game continue on and grow! Definitely deserving of its title as 2016 Game of the Year. Now, the Overwatch anniversary is live and the loot is just so quirky and fun! We have so much stuff to check out because this event is PACKED AF!

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    The Anniversary Loot Box

    Helloooo new loot box! Yup, inside one of these babies is at least ONE item from the Overwatch Anniversary Set and there are over 100 cosmetic items once again. Yes, we all get a free loot box and, yes, we can get them via purchase, exp rewards, and arcade grinding. 🙂


    Overwatch Anniversary Unlockables

    THEY’RE ALL SOOOO GOOD! My wallet is going to hate me (again)… T__T Right off the bat, I’m saying that I want Cruiser D.Va, Graffiti Tracer, Cyberninja Hanzo, Sentai Genji… nevermind. ALL! I WANT THEM ALL! I hope I luck out with my boxes and/or gain enough in-game gold to buy them T__T





    Watch your favorite characters celebrate the Overwatch Anniversary as they PARTY HARD! The dance moves are adorable and there are a lot! Available also in the Anniversary Loot Box.

    Three New 3v3 Maps!

    To add even more layers of Epic to this Anniversary Extravaganza, the event also features three 3v3 Arena Maps that you can explore as you do battle inside them.



    Like what you see? Well then, GET IN THERE! It’s a PARTY after all and it’s LIVE RIGHT NOW! Event will last until June 12 only so be sure to enjoy it to the fullest. For more info, you can check out the Overwatch Anniversary’s official page HERE!

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