Rumor: Overwatch 1st Anniversary Event and 3 New Heroes Apparently Leaked!


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    Movin’ with the payload rumors!

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    Just when you thought you can take a break after the successful Overwatch: Uprising Event… Here we are now nearing the game’s 1st year anniversary! Wow we’ve been playing that long already? Well it looks like we are well on our way into the year, if these leaks are any indication:


    Just recently, “QAAustinAutist” a user from 4chan  who claims to be a Blizzard employee apparently leaked information for the next three heroes: Doomfist, Bria, and Ivon. And from the looks of it, they will be released in that order, with the first one hinting at a May 24 release, the same launch date for the game last year.


    For Doomfist, it was said in the post that the new character is “ready to launch” with a tank play style like Reinhardt with a “rapid charge and grapple ability.” His ultimate is an “AOE with 100% damage on any target in the center with a 5 second knockdown within 5 meters of the impact zone.”

    Bria is said to be launching 3rd quarter this year. Apparently, she is rumored to be the smallest hero in the game with the ability to “lock down certain areas” in the map.

    The last leaked hero, Ivon, is said to be still in the early stages of development.  He is said to be a “Russian defense hero” described as a “tall, lanky, elderly man wearing a close-fitted business suit with red accents.” his abilities include a Torbjorn hybrid that summons “swampbots” (ala necromancer?) under his control.


    Lastly, as the game nears its first year, will this be a chance that we can have another shot to get previously-released skins we might have missed last time? Or will we get entirely new stuff? The wait will not be long people! Stay tuned!


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