The World Needs More (Cosplay) Heroes | One Year of Overwatch Cosplays

Celebrate one year of Overwatch with these 10 amazing cosplays from North American conventions!

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It’s been a year since Overwatch was first released, and the extremely popular first-person shooter game has taken the pop culture world by storm. From toys to fan art, the heroes of Overwatch have undeniably established their presence in the geekdom.

Cosplay was, of course, not exempted from the Overwatch invasion. Check out some of my personal favorites from different North America conventions over the past year.

Reaper (Anime Expo 2016)


D.Va with Meka (Anime Expo 2016)


Mei (Anime Expo 2016)


Bunny Suit D.Va (NYCC 2016)


Pharah (New Jersey Comic Expo 2016)


Genji (Katsucon 2017)


Zenyatta (Katsucon 2017)


Sombra (Anime Boston 2017)


Chinese New Year D.Va (Anime Boston 2017)


Tracer (Anime Boston 2017)


Will we see more amazing Overwatch cosplays in the future? I think the answer to that is a resounding “Yes!”. Will we ever see a Winston cosplay? I’m keeping my fingers crossed for that one. For now, I’m looking forward to seeing more Overwatch heroes in real life. Keep on ‘watching!