Ungeek’s Top Cosplays of Silicon Valley Comic Con 2017

Join us as we experience the enthusiasm of the SVCC 2017 Cosplay community!

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At this year’s first Silicon Valley Comic Con (SVCC), we saw A LOT of Cosplay. Of course, we had to round up our favorites, such as the Planet of the Apes cosplay, a very authentic 90’s Jubilee from the X-Men, Deadpool(s) and many more! Check out the gallery above.

Wanna see more? Check out this video as we do an SVCC 2017 Cosplay Feature!


Some of my favorite con experiences are from Cosplayers who really play the part. This year, one of my favorites was Captain Jack Sparrow, who was sooo in character. Everyone couldn’t help be mesmerized by his catchy one-liners and “piratey” quips. My personal favorite was ALL the Guardians of the Galaxy cosplay, present company included of course. There were so many Starlords and even a “StarLady” or “Lady Starlord”. It was epic!

All in all, we highly recommend attending SVCC next year or ANY con for that matter. Experiencing the geek-culture and enthusiasm of the Cosplay community first hand is SO MUCH fun. If you like, you could even try Cosplaying yourself! Whether you decide to Cosplay or not, going to a con will totally be worth it!

What did you think about the Cosplays we featured? Hit us up on the comments below! See you at the next con!