Win BIG as the Masters Battle it Out! | Manila Masters Booth Tour

Not only will you witness the epic DOTA 2 Battles in Manila Masters, you'll also be able to win epic swag from various booths!

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Today is the last day of the Manila Masters and the action has been beyond intense! If you’re still thinking about whether you should go or not, let us be the ones to say “JUST DO IT!” Not only will you witness the epic DOTA 2 Battles (seriously…. yesterday’s matches were just crazy), you’ll also be able to win epic swag from the various booths within the venue. Let’s take a look at each of them.


ASUS Republic of Gamers


  • Pick-a-Prize Goodies
  • 1TB Seagate Firecuda SSHD (Grand Prize)


  • First, be sure to go through their registration
  • You’ll be given a passport that asks you to play 3 games
    • Overwatch
    • NBA
    • VR
  • Upon completion of the passport, you get to pick-a-prize

  • Also, you gain a raffle entry to win the Firecuda SSHD


Mineski Infinity


  • Free Photobooth
  • Mineski Load Rewards
    • For members only
    • For every P50 you load on your Mineski Account, you’ll get 1 point
    • Certain Prize Items can be redeemed for points
  • Mineski Predictions Raffle
    • Predict the result of each Manila Masters match
    • Place a ballot in the box that matches your predicted winner
    • Upon the conclusion of a match, they’ll draw a name from the box of the winner who will win a prize
  • Signing Session of Mineski Talents and Guests
    • Every now and then, Mineski will have their talents and guests have autograph sessions for the public
  • Mini Games
    • Free for the enjoyment of anyone
    • i.e. Bottle flipping
  • Grand Raffle with Mineski Gaming Chair Prize
    • Each member instantly gets a raffle entry
    • On the last day, they’ll draw the winner for the Mineski Gaming Chair





  • Complete the tasks given by the booth
    • Play their featured game on the PS4
    • Try the Roku Streaming Service
    • Take a photo in their booth


  • Once completed, you get to Pick-A-Prize from their bowl
  • All completed entries make you eligible for their Raffle (every 5PM) where you can win the following prizes
    • Razer Cynosa PRO Bundle
    • Razer Kraken Headset
    • Razer Abyssus Goliathus Mouse




  • Take pictures with Roshan in the Roshan Pit! At random times, a horn will sound. If you were the current / last person who was taking a picture with Roshan, you’ll get a Manila Masters lootbag c/o Mineski
  • Gain prizes by loading your prepaid sim. You’ll gain a reward for certain amounts


Yup. There’s so much stuff to win! Plus you get to witness the epic battles of Manila Masters! Head on over and check out the Finals!