Does Wonder Woman deserve its Rotten Tomatoes “Fresh” rating? | Movie Recommendation

Gal Gadot can take my 100% Fresh rating anytime!

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We’ve waited long enough from the time it was first announced like a million years ago but now the time has come, Wonder Woman is FINALLY out in cinemas nationwide and if you’re as excited as I am, you’ve already booked your tickets and have maybe seen the film already from the midnight screenings all over the metro a few hours back. If you haven’t yet, then all this talk about Wonder Woman being “one of the best superhero films” and getting a “95% Fresh” rating on Rotten Tomatoes will surely hype you up. Wait did we get that right? A DC Superhero film that actually did well? What universe am I on?! Check out our movie recommendation for Wonder Woman and if it indeed deserves all the praise.

All I can say is that it absolutely does. Not only did Gal Gadot totally “SLAY” as Diana but the whole film was a very inspiring story about the good in man, hope, beauty, strength, and love. As cheesy as that sounds, these themes resonate loudly across the film and is a fine example of girl power, or WOMAN power rather, in a society where males are widely considered to be more dominant. In fact, did you know that various accomplished women, ranging from a Victoria’s Secret model to an Olympic gold medalist among others, portrayed the roles of the Amazon warriors in the film? That’s a great feature on empowered women if you ask me!

Wonder Woman had a heavy burden on it, seeing as a lot of the past DC films did not do well despite the explosive trailers and star studded cast (I’m looking at you Batman vs Superman and Suicide Squad!). Could it break the DC superhero curse? You bet your *** it did! The choreography for the action scenes were amazing, effects were great, and Gal Gadot was totally perfect for the role. If this film was any indication of how future DC films will be like, then there are 2 things that we can be sure of: Justice League will be mind blowing and Marvel should up the ante a bit more.

To nitpick a little bit, I felt that a few early parts of the movie was a bit slow. I found myself fidgeting around my seat, uneasy, because of wanting to get the story moving along to where the action was but when the film got rolling, it was amazing. You can definitely see the angle of attack that the team did for the film and it was way different from the previous DC movies. Sure it’s no Marvel movie, but it’s really apples and bananas and Wonder Woman has its own charm and power that makes it successful and entertaining. There was an overarching theme of war in the film but Gal Gadot’s portrayal of the iconic superhero shines light on it and instead makes it more about the courage to fight and believe in what is right.

Overall, the film is a MUST WATCH and even with your busy schedules, is something you should absolutely make time for. Wonder Woman does not disappoint, is worth all the hype, and will leave you smiling as you exit the cinemas. Fantastic movie, I would definitely watch it again, and if you’re still reading this, go and book your ticket reservations now because it won’t be easy since thousands of other people will be waiting in line to watch it as well!

Check out a few more screens from the film and be sure to catch Wonder Woman, now showing in cinemas nationwide brought to us by Warner Bros.!