Experience GTX 1060 / 1080 PC Gaming in this crazy All-ROG Mineski iCafe in Wilson, San Juan!

Power PC Gaming at its finest is now available in this Mineski iCafe!

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We’ve been reviewing a couple of ASUS ROG products on the site now and every time we have to send the unit back, it’s like a piece of our (gaming) soul gets ripped apart. While we’d love to have an all ASUS ROG gaming rig setup, financial realities kick in and I realize no one would want to buy my excess fatty flubber to fund my gaming addiction. Sad life.


I’m sure the experience is more or less the same for people who were lucky enough to try on a supped-up gaming unit and then had to go back to plain jane home pc or laptop. Luckily ASUS and Mineski have thought of a way to create a venue where every game you play is played with the best experience possible.


The Mineski Blitz, a concept gaming café along Wilson street, San Juan, is the first-ever fully-fitted ASUS ROG internet café in the country. Each PC is built from the ground-up with ASUS ROG and ASUS ROG-partnered brands like NVIDIA (GPU), G. Skill Trident (RAM), Seagate (Storage) and In-Win (PC Casing).

There are more than 20 PC’s on the main floor and 8 Super Set-up in the VIP room. We’ll get to the VIP room in a bit. On the main floor, the units are equipped with G-Sync ASUS ROG Strix PG278Q monitors with a 144 Hz refresh rate, Strix Cerberus mice and keys. Internals per PC comes with the latest Intel Core i7 chip and NVIDIA’s GTX1060 Graphics card which is more than enough to run most games out in the market – and run them well. Of course, RAM, Casing and pretty much everything is linked together with the beautiful ASUS AURA Sync-technology.


According to Robert Osorio, Marketing Manager for ASUS Open Platform, one of the main objective of the initiative is to bring quality gaming to a lot more Filipinos. “We want more Pinoy gamers to experience what it is to game with an ROG unit – to be part of the Republic even if they can’t (currently) afford a setup right now. The idea is to give them the best gaming experience with the best gaming machine and hopefully – maybe in the future—when they have enough resources they can be inspired to create their own ROG-rigged home setup. This is what it means to be Powered by ASUS.”

During the press event, ASUS and Mineski revealed that the partnership isn’t a one-off and that ASUS-Mineski collaboration will be rolled out to more Mineski Internet cafes throughout the year. That’s a lot of ROG PCs! Wewe!

To test out the strength of the units, ASUS and Mineski organized a short 3v3 Overwatch Media Match between 3 teams. While that was happening, everyone was encouraged to try out the units, play a game or two or simply watch the on-going matches with Mineski shoutcaster, Asurai (Darwell Llerena) doing a live commentary of the mini media tournament.



While I wasn’t able to join the tournament, I was able to play on both the main café floor PC and the PCs in the VIP room which are more supped-up than the ones on the main floor! Here’s what the PCs inside the VIP room look like.




34” Ultrawide Curved Screen Monitor, ASUS ROG Claymore Mechanical Keyboards, the latest ASUS ROG Gladius II Mouse and oh yeah, the PCs are fitted with ASUS Strix GTX1080 Video Cards. Pretty much the most advanced PC-rig on an Internet Café right now. Whattup, gamers!

Full Specs


If you’re throwing a gaming party, you might want to consider Mineski Blitz as your venue of choice. If you’re forming an esports team, you might want to consider Mineski Blitz as your venue of choice as well! With the super amped up units, you can truly harness your gaming prowess here.

Mineski Blitz is currently on a soft launch and should be open for full operations very soon. Rental price at Php 60/hour for the PCs on the main floor and Php 100/ hour for PCs on the VIP room.  We’ll update this post once we get a final date and further info on the pricing scheme.

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