Planning on getting a new monitor? Hold up! You might want to check out AGON’s latest promo bundle for their gaming monitor series. With a purchase of any of the listed models below, you’ll also be getting a lovely MSI Interceptor DS4100 Gaming Keyboard.


While not a mechanical, this membrane keyboard hosts a wide-array of features to (hopefully) satisfy the gamer in you. It’s ultra slim and light (maybe a bit ridiculously light), several multimedia hotkeys, integrated wrist rest (to counter fatigue and wrist strain), braided wire and 7 Color back-lighting which you can mechanically control its breathing speed.


We currently got our hands on the AG271QG and so far, we’re loving it. This G-Sync 27” IPS Monitor is uber sexy! Stay tuned for our detailed review soon!


To recap, here’s what you need to do to claim your free MSI Interceptor DS4100 Gaming Keyboard:

  1. Purchase and of the AGON AOC Gaming monitor listed above at any authorized dealers nationwide
  2. Like their official Facebook page:
  3. To claim your FREE MSI Gaming Keyboard, register at


Promo runs till June 30, 2017 (claiming deadline is from July 1- August 30, 2017). You may also visit their official site and their Facebook Page for more details.


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