Get Your Turf War On! Nintendo Presents Splatoon 2 for Switch! | E3 Nintendo Showcase Highlight

Nintendo kicked off Splatoon 2 at E3 with the World Inkling Invitational!

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Prepare your paint guns and get your Inkling squad ready – Nintendo kicked off Splatoon 2 in a big way at E3 with the World Inkling Invitational, an epic turf war pitting 4 talented teams from around the world against each other: Dynameu, Rising Moon, Blue Ringed Octolings, and Deadbeat!


Want to see more Splatoon 2? Check out Nintendo’s presentation trailer below:


Better form your best Inkling squad because it looks like Splatoon 2 will be hitting stores in July 2017. Will Splatoon 2 live up to or even exceed the success of its predecessor? Here’s hoping we’ll see even better paint-em-up action!

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