Remember Studio Ghibli’s classic anime film Kiki’s Delivery Service? She’s all grown up now. Take a look at the short clip below:

In line with Nissin’s “Hungry Day” campaign, the famous witch is reimagined as a 17 year- old high school student along with his friend Tombo, who grew up quite differently than I imagined.


The anime video also seems to have a more modern setting (as you can see Tombo holding a drone in the video at the 10-second mark). I really have to applaud the artist Eisaku Kubonouchi for his work that although strays a bit from the studio’s formula, you can still feel that warm cushy Ghibli magic that they are known for.


Probably the cutest thing that happened here is where Kiki confesses her love to Tombo. Aww.

For some reason I want to eat some instant noodles.


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