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    Pandemic Legacy: Season 2 Announced! | Z-Man reveals initial details of the game!


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    After the huge success of Pandemic Legacy: Season 1, fans have been waiting for the release of the sequel to the board game! Just recently, Z-Man Games finally announced the arrival of Pandemic Legacy: Season 2 this year and even revealed some cool deets on what the game will be about!

    Topline Details

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    • For 2-4 Players
    • Stand-alone expansion
    • Continues the story of Season 1 but any new player can start right at Season 2
    • Uses the Legacy System where the effect of some decisions will have an element of permanence on the board
    • Story revolves on survival


    The Setting

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    Season 2’s happens 71 years after the events of Season 1. Humanity has been devastated by a plague and has ravaged most of the known world. What’s left is a network of cities supplied by “Havens” floating in the ocean away from the plague in the mainland. The problem lies in how mankind doesn’t have much longer to survive as supplies are dwindling quite quickly. As a leader from the havens, it’s up to you to keep the supplies going, find some answers, and prevent the plague from finishing off what remains of the human race.


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    The Gameplay

    As you noticed from the board, majority of the world is blacked out aside from the surviving cities and the havens. You’ll need to explore and try to see what you can do to survive.



    At this point, the plague is practically incurable so it’s no longer about removing disease cubes from the board. Now, Season 2 introduces a new “supply cube” mechanic which is a twits from the classic Pandemic gameplay. When an Infection card hits, cities will turn to these supply cubes to prevent the plague from spreading. You’ll be putting supply cubes on cities to deter the plague. However, once a city is infected and it has no supplies to counter the plague, it becomes infected and becomes a hazard to you and your team.



    It is up to you now to go to the parts of the world that were lost and have now gone dark as you may find the answers you are searching for in those places where the world once flourished. Also, since the game takes place after the fall of mankind, a lot of technological conveniences will be unavailable to you. Now, communication, transportation, and medicine will be a bit more archaic than what it used to be. As an example, it was said that Air Travel will no longer be an option in the game.



    More to Come Soon… VERY SOON!


    The game will be launching on Fall of this year! A sneak peak to the game will also be available come Gen Con 2017 so be sure to stay tuned for that. As for us, we’re BEYOND excited. Pandemic Legacy: Season 1 was definitely a masterpiece and we can’t wait to see whether Season 2 will be able to continue the momentum!

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