It’s back, baby! The first episode of the all-new Crystal Maze has already been aired and it’s glorious.


Now hosted by Richard Ayoade, the show will be 20-episodes long with the first few episodes being celebrity specials. Each episode will be about 1-hour long. So far Ayoade is great host and is sassy as hell. Combine his personality and sarcastic wit with the awesome challenges that the maze has to offer and the show is definitely a good watch… Just as how it always was back then.

The Crystal Maze: Game 2

We’ve all thought we’d be amazing at a Crystal Maze game like this… The Crystal Maze Returns tonight at 9pm.

Posted by Channel 4 on Friday, June 23, 2017

Crystal Maze airs every Friday in the UK (Channel 4) at 9:00pm.


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