The killer class is in session once more! | Assassination Classroom Season 2 airs on Animax in 2 weeks

Go back to school in a unique way with the July 10 Animax premiere of Assassination Classroom Season 2!

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It’s back to school again with everyone’s favorite class of killers, as the second season of Assassination Classroom begins in Animax!


In case you weren’t familiar with it, Assassination Classroom is a highly-popular anime series focusing on the extremely unique assignment of Kunugigaoka Junior High School’s Class 3-E to kill their extraterrestrial teacher Koro-sensei and prevent the destruction of Earth before the school year ends.  Season 2 continues to tell the tale of Class 3-E’s ever-improving attempts to murder the tentacled and smiley-faced teacher. With each lesson, however, their affection and admiration for their teacher continue to grow.


As the school days go by, will Class 3-E make the ultimate sacrifice and kill their beloved teacher to save the world? Or will they forgo the fate of the planet to save their one and only Koro-sensei? Check out the Japanese Trailer for Season 2 below:


Catch Assassination Classroom Season 2 on Animax starting July 10 with 2 back-to-back episodes every Monday and Tuesday at 8pm. Animax is available on SKYCable Channel 46, Cignal Channel 73, Dream Satellite TV Channel 07, Destiny Digital Channel 46 and G Sat Channel 24.