Get ready for a showdown of champions! The Visayan League of Legends Tournament Opens Registration!

The Visayas region heats up the eSports scene with the Visayan School League's LoL Tournament!

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Visayas, prepare for an epic battle of champions as the Visayan School League opens registration for the biggest League of Legends eSports event in the Visayas region!

The tournament will feature 28 of the best senior high and collegiate teams across central Philippines, plus the event also doubles as the Visayan Conference of the LoL Collegiate League, a nationwide League of Legends tournament hosted by Garena PH.

Want in on the action? Check out the following schedule of events:

  • Open Registration – June 24 to August 12
  • Qualifiers – July 22 to September 16
  • Main Tournament – September 30 to November 25
  • Finals – December 16

The qualifiers and main tournament will be held online on Saturdays during the specified dates, while the finals will be offline.

So, what are you waiting for? Gather your friends and prepare your best team of champions – the throwdown is about to begin! For more on the Visayan School League LoL Tournament, check their official page and Facebook Page out for updates and announcements.

To register CLICK HERE.