Guardians, arise! The Destiny 2 Open Beta beckons!

Sleep is for the weak!

ONE Store Beta Now Available

I’ve wasted more than 1,000 hours of my life playing Destiny on the Sony Playstation 4. No Regrets. Now, we are literally 2 months away from another 1,000 hours and I can say that my body is ready. In fact, by the time you read this, I’ve already pulled an all nighter for the Destiny 2 open beta so check out the details below on how you can join me in the fight against the Cabal!


You read that right! For Playstation Asia members, you can start downloading the beta client of Destiny 2 for free to take part in what is sure to be the best 6 days of your life. Access to the beta client started as of 2AM this morning of July 19 and will continue on until 2PM of July 24 and you can expect the following gameplay components to be available for you to enjoy:

  • The first campaign mission “Homecoming”
  • A cooperative multiplayer strike called “The Inverted Spire”
  • The Crucible, a multiplayer PVP arena

These three components should be enough to give you a taste of the Guardian life and push through with that pre-order you’ve been holding out on for the longest time. We’ve already made our pre-orders and expect us to be ready to take the fight to the Cabal once Destiny 2 drops in September. Will you be playing the beta? Let us know in the comments and if you aren’t hyped enough, check out the beta launch trailer below!