In Search for Noctis, The Missing Prince | An FFXV Toycon 2017 Exclusive

They're going on an adventure!

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Cosplayers of all shapes and sizes flocked toward the SMX Convention Center for this year’s Toycon. Our boys from the sterling kingdom of Lucis is back, celebrating the 30th Anniversary of Final Fantasy scouring Toycon for their missing prince, Prince Noctis Lucis Caelum.


Along the way they were greeted with a throng of interesting and colorful individuals.

Prompto, Ignis and Gladio broke through the universe and got a photo with Cloud from FFVII.


Social Link Maxed!


And some links are newly formed right, Prompto? :3

Students from Shujin took the time to get a photo in with the boys as well (talk about merging rival JRPGs :p ).


The boys fanboyed when they saw 2B and 9S from Nier Automata, though.


After jumping on 3 universes, the guys needed a bit of a breather. This black couch looked comfy enough for a bit of a sit-down.

Yes, for the record, they all said they were at least 18 years old


And more shenanigans ensued. Really, guys, are you even trying to look for Noctis? Ignis, mamaya na porma, okay?


In the end, though, the boys found their fearless leader and all is well with the world.


It’s just one of the fun things that one can get themselves in at Toycon 2017. And at the end of the day, that’s the main point of the con — to just have fun.  Toycon 2017 is one of those rare cons where our guys, for a quick run, stopped being media and just started to soak the inclusive environment in. All it took were a couple of masks and a quirky concept of looking for their leader. (Context: we really didn’t have a Noctis mask. Everything was done on the fly hahaha).

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We’d like to thank our friends from Reimaru Files, Twenty8Two and GGNetwork for making this adventure possible. 😀

Prompto + Oppo = Proppo? 😀


All photos were taken with the Oppo F3Plus and Oppo A57.