Looking for a New Monitor? The AG217QG just may be the one for you! | AOC Agon AG271QG Monitor Review

Let’s jump right in and see if it can fulfill our work AND gaming needs!

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The way we consume media is fascinating. Phones used to be really small but with the rise of video content across all platforms, screen size is all that matters. This rings true with monitors, and while 15” and 17” monitors were all the craze a few years back, the standard for screen size has greatly increased to 21” and 24” screens. While there are a few monitors that have broken the 32” threshold, some consider 27” to be a sweet spot that allows them to enjoy games and media at a comfortable size. I was in the hunt for a second monitor that would allow me to multitask with work and enjoy games the way they were meant to be played, enter this stunner from AGON, the AG271QG.


AGON, as you may know, is the gaming monitor arm of AOC, a well established brand in display technology. Our good friends from AGON lent us this beauty so let’s jump right in and see if it can fulfill our work AND gaming needs!

Fresh from the HUGE box that it came from are 3 main parts – The V shaped base, the adjustable stand, and the main monitor module. Well make it 4 just because the power brick that it comes with is bigger than the usual. These parts are HEAVY and each is well built, so plus points for build quality, especially for an investment such as this. The whole thing was easy to setup and I didn’t need to look at any instruction manual to assemble it, just have yourself a screwdriver handy. You also get a TON of connectors that would fill your needs, from HDMI to Displayport to USB 3.0, everything you need, this monitor has got you covered.


Setup took me around 10 minutes from unboxing and when I was done, I took some time to marvel at my work. The monitor is sleek and simple, and would fit almost any setup you have with ease. The bezel is thin, the finish is nice, and the overall design is perfectly fit for gamers. You also feel a satisfying click as you adjust the height and tilt settings, which was simple and painless and allows for the perfect viewing angle.

One thing I liked about this monitor is that the connectors can be found on the bottom side of the back panel, which allows me to plug in without compromising or bending any of my cables in an awkward position. One thing I did not like was that the speaker connector was on the side, ruining perfectly good cabling as you get to see wires sticking out from the side instead of everything from below. And don’t get me started on that antenna-like thing, which was supposed to be headphone holders. This thing alone almost ruined the perfectly good design for me.


While setup was fast, what did take me a while was finding the right balance of brightness and contrast using the menu. I appreciate the physical buttons, as it gives me a good feel of what I just pressed, but the layout was just not that great. UI could be better, and navigation through the menu sections took a while due to the clunky interface but once you get over that, you’re pretty much done with the hard part.


The screen is a beautiful WLED backlit IPS panel that sports a 2560×1440 resolution at a whopping 165hz refresh rate. What that meant for me was that I had enough real estate to work with – I opened up a browser window and a chat application, saw all the information I needed to see, and still had enough space to view a youtube video on the side. This was important for me as I was looking for a second screen that would make me multitask better and this monitor did that for me with flying colors.

Using a laptop alongside the 27QG was confusing at first, as I had to adjust window sizes and primary display but after that, it was smooth sailing and I honestly cannot think of how I’ve not gotten a second screen sooner. Sure you’ll be looking left and right repeatedly but that’s a small price to pay.

The monitor also has built in speakers and while they are not something to write home about, they can suffice if you don’t have a set of external speakers.


Being a gaming monitor, I was not about to waste this G-Sync capable beast for word documents and excel files, I had to get my game on as well! I’ve been so used to a 1920×1080 resolution that upon opening up Overwatch on this screen, I was just amazed at how everything looked and it was something else to see and appreciate all the action going on. The screen was so vibrant and colorful that every little detail just popped out while playing and even during intense 6v6 clashes with all ultimates used, the screen neither tore nor missed a frame. You can only imagine how this helps professional gamers, who use every frame and motion to their advantage.

Even Dota 2 looked absolutely gorgeous from this monitor. Sure it’s not the best game graphically, but those skill effects and 5v5 clashes looking that good in full detail just brings a tear to my eye. You’ve got so much space to work with that your minimap may not be so mini anymore.

There are a few key technological points at work here and that’s the reason why anything coming out of this monitor looks the way it does, and take note that this monitor works well with Nvidia G-Sync capable devices. First is the ultra low motion blur or UMLB, which makes objects look sharper and crisper even on low refresh rates. AOC also has its flicker free technology that reduces eye fatigue, elevating your gaming experience from hour 1 to hour 24.



  • G-Sync capable IPS panel is gaming heaven
  • Good build quality
  • Setup is a breeze
  • Can act as a USB hub


  • Menu is clunky and could use some work
  • Pricy
  • Headset holder at the side is an eyesore
  • Power brick is bigger I’d like it to be

It was certainly a treat using this monitor and honestly, my eyes have been opened to a whole new experience of second screen goodness. Going back to a 17” laptop was heartbreaking as I was spoiled with the multitasking capabilities that the monitor offered, and let’s not get into how wonderful an experience gaming was at 165Hz. Overall, the 27QG is a triumph for AGON and while you there are better and more expensive monitors out there, this is a very good piece of hardware at this price point. Other gaming monitors brands are pretty much well established but watch out as AGON is coming to take the title and your money!

The Suggested retail price for the AG271QG is 46,000PHP and is available locally at AGON retailers nationwide. Check out the AGON Facebook page for more information about any products and promos!