Need an all-in-one PA system? The JBL Eon One has got you covered!

The JBL Eon One is an auditory sensation!

ONE Store Beta Now Available

The JBL Eon One and the JBL Professional Inauguration was held last June 24, 2017 at JBL Sound Gallery and was graced by HARMAN & Beyond Innovations Inc. Executives and the Media for an auditory experience that blew everyone away. Our friends from Beyond Innovations invited us to witness the unveiling of the All in one PA system, the Eon One, and boy was it an experience unlike any other!

The Eon One is a linear-array PA system that brings legendary JBL professional audio literally anywhere you want with a true all in one design that allows you to effortlessly set up faster than you can say Eon One! It’s also portable and in fact, you can carry it around to any of your gigs / conferences / events without the hassle of all the wires and huge speakers┬áthat make for an effective setup. During the unveiling of the Eon One, the audience was treated to performances from acoustic artist Maxine Javelino using the Eon One setup as well as a couple of tub thumping tracks from DJ JV Custodio behind the JBL Professional 3 speakers and AKG pro headphones. The music from these performances were clean and crisp, and for a venue that had such a high ceiling, the mini sound setup was more than enough, filling the room with an ambience like no other.

If you’re a wandering performer or someone who just enjoys the portability of bringing everything everywhere, then look no further because the Eon One is the perfect device for you. This bad boy can blast sound good enough for a small to medium sized performing hall but is small and lightweight enough to carry around with one hand. Good thing about this is that it has tons of input connectors and through some magic and adaptors, you can even plug in your Playstation 4 or any other console for some gaming goodness on a whole different level! With its 10″ unobstructed woofer and bluetooth capabilities, the Eon One is definitely THE all in one sound system of choice!

The Eon One retails at 58,900 SRP and is available at all leading JBL retailers. Check out the JBL Facebook and JBL Instagram for more information and updates on the latest JBL products and keep it locked in at Ungeek for more geeky goodness!