Now with Dodging Copyright Law Action! | Funny Finds at ToyCon 2017

Evading IP's and mastering legal loopholes are BATMTN’s special feature! Here's some of our funny finds at ToyConPH 2017! #ToyConPopLifeFanX

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You wound’t want to mess with them!

Every year, Toy Con PH has always been best go-to place for those who want to find that specific geek merchandise they’ve always wanted to collect. It has been the home of everything awesome like Figma’s Hot Toys, Funko Pops and the like.

As great as the items are, there are always some that seem a bit far-off from the bunch – The ones that somehow trickled in with the legit and authentic… camouflaging its way to the untrained eye.

It didn’t escape us though! Here are some of the stuff we found during our rounds at the convention!


The BATMTN Mobile! This toy can evade a lot of stuff… Like, say copyright laws.


This Jinx “The Loose Cannon” figure from “Leacue of Legends” looks legit enough from a distance… Its only when you find out that the Nendoroid numbering in the lower left corner never really reached 900 yet 🙂


Moamr is the first “Prisney Drincess” of it’s kind!


Oh the audacity in this one! I didn’t know that WWE and TNA collaborated to make this one of a kind playset! Really the best quality for your!


The one ring to bootleg them all.


If you are heading to a Star War, it is always better to be equipped with a Star Plan!


When Poo is not out looking for honey… He rides in his uhm… What is that?

Have any funny bootleg finds you would like to share? Let us know in the comments!