These NES custom Air Jordan 4’s are straight FIRE!

2 of my favorites rolled into 1!

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I’m a self confessed sneakerhead, or was, but I can still appreciate cool and fresh kicks when I see one. I am also a sucker for videogames, from the NES of old to the PS4 of today, my life has been literally built around games. When you put the two of them together, it’s just a surreal and mindblowing experience so you can just imagine me when I saw these NES edition Air Jordan 4’s!

Sneaker customizer extraordinaire Freaker Sneaks, who previously created the “Playstation” Air Jordan 4, has once again outdone himself by releasing an extremely limited run of the “NES” Air Jordan 4. True to the name, the base shoe model was the Jordan 4 which was customized to look and feel like an NES colorway, adding hints of gray / black / red / white across the shoe. 

Cart stickers of Super Mario and Duck Hunt are plastered across the shoe tongue and a customized “Flight” keychain in the shape of an NES cart is included as well. Once you peep the back part of the shoe, and this is where this thing gets CRAZY, is that there are physical NES buttons, taken from real NES controllers! To add to the authentic feel, these button are not just for show, you can press them too! These do not go cheap though, as each pair is selling for a cool $1250, and if you’re the type who is into limited edition kicks, then these are right up your alley as only 10 pairs will be made.

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