We’re Bringing Sexy Back in your pants in a Powerful Way with ASUS ZenPower Slim!

Big things come in smaller (and lighter) packages!

ONE Store Beta Now Available

I’m here to talk about something important. The plight of the modern man (which is, of course, you and me). Something we all know far too well, which is the energy crisis in your pants. I mean, the gadgets you store in your pants like your cell phone that consumes energy because you’re using it… A LOT. The gadgets I mean. You just can’t get your hands off the phone, can you???

If your body needs that everyday energy from vitamins, caffeine, or that flavored gasoline your chugging, well so do your gadgets.

Maybe you’re  mostly online thru some vidcom or you just can’t resist that everwing invite? But hey, I know what you’re thinking. These “accessories” weigh a ton! No worries because ASUS got you covered not just in portability but also in style!


Just look at that sexy and sleek body weighing in at 81g! GUDLERD, its like Justin Timberlake saw the future when he sang Sexy Back! And with 3000mAh you know you’re gonna get through the day without missing a beat.


Its not like I’m trying to sell you anything but Lazada has this sweet deal here


C’mon guys let not kid ourselves I need this, you need this, Mobile Legends players need this, Marvel Future Fight players need this, Pokemon Go addicts need this, your Gaming Needs need this, WE NEED THIS, simple as that.