Winter is Coming! ‘White Walkers’ invade the London to promote Game of Thrones S7

The White Walkers of Winter cometh!

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The Game of Thrones hype is so high that you can practically feel the air freeze up BECAUSE WINTER IS COMING! Yup, Game of Thrones Season 7 is airing this Sunday, July 17 (Monday, July 18 for us in the PH) and to celebrate this much-awaited occasion, White Walkers have invaded London!


These White Walkers went around various parts of Central London to promote the return of the series on air! Led by the Night King, they went around on foot and on horseback to stir up hype amidst fans of the show. And it looks like they succeeded.


Game of Thrones Season 7 comes to HBO on Sunday, June 17 for the US and Monday, June 18 for the Philippines.

*Images and Video taken from Business Insider UK