4 Reasons to Go Further with the ASUS Zenfone 4 Max!

The phone that does more and then some! Check out the latest model in the ASUS Zenfone series. I'm sure Yoo are Gong to love it!

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ASUS Philippines’ flagship smartphone returns to the Philippine market this August 19, 2017 with its latest model yet – the Zenfone 4 MAX. This device boasts a strong 5000mAh high-capacity battery that can stand-by up to 46 days… Talk about battery king! That’s a lot of juice!

With all this power, there is really a lot to do with the new unit; here are 4 possible ways to maximize your experience!


Watch on the go!

Travel is undoubtedly one of the most enjoyable luxuries that you can enjoy. Nevertheless, moments of being completely glued to the seat are unavoidable. Waiting for your flight as well as being on it can be quite dull.

Thankfully, with the Zenfone 4 MAX 5.5, gone are the long and tedious hours of waiting still in transit.  The Battery King is not only powerful enough to stream all kinds series and movies but also strong enough to power-up up to 2-terabytes of hard drive, should signal be inaccessible.


You can use it to charge another device!

One of the unique features that the Zenfone 4 MAX 5.5 has been widely known is its capacity to turn into a powerbank and charge other devices – otherwise known as “Reverse Charging”. As long as the on-the-go cable connects the Zenfone 4 MAX 5.5 to another, the Battery King will assist in charging.

This year around, however, the ASUS promises 2x faster reverse — which means whatever is being charged will gain 100% battery life in no-time!

Talk-time just got better… And Longer!

The Zenfone 4 MAX 5.5 assures you at least 3-hours of call time in the event that the Battery King is left with just 15% battery life. With a capacity like this, you will never miss the chance to talk to your loved ones wherever you are and whenever it is.


Capture those precious moments precisely the way you want it!

Not only does the Battery King sport an impressive 120-degree wide-angle camera to catch more breath-taking views but, through its manual controls, the Zenfone 4 MAX 5.5 also has the ability to shoot extended time-lapse with an automatic “power saving” mode – which is quite significant for time-lapse videos, since a shoot like that can consume a lot of battery power by snapping photos continuously and stitching them together into a stop-motion-esque video.  In this mode, battery life is saved by lowering the screen brightness and putting the phone into plane mode where its radios are switched off.

So point your Zenfone 4 MAX 5.5 to the sky and wait for the entire universe to align for you and capture the most incredible time-lapse video without the dreading 0% battery!


How about you? Can you name other ways on how to maximize your phone? Let us know!

Lastly, do check out the live-stream event happening this August 19th! I’m sure Yoo are Gong to like it!

Battery King, Zenfone 4 MAX 5.5 and the latest of ASUS Zenfone line, the Zenfone 4 series  is coming to Philippines this August 2017; get ready to catch more moments with the latest innovation from the one of the leading tech industries in the world.

For more information the Zenfone 4 series and other incredible moments, head on over to ASUS Philippines’ Official Facebook Page and ASUS ZenTalk Forum.