Behold! Here come the awesome cosplayers from the APCC CAGE Cosplay Contest!

Check out these top-tier cosplays that went on stage for the CAGE cosplay competition at APCC!

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The prestigious Cosplay Authority Global Challenge (CAGE) contest happened this weekend at AsiaPop Comic Con, and we were able to witness the epic cosplays that went on stage for the event! Here are some of our favorites from the talented lineup of contestants that competed in the Open Category finals on Saturday.

War Machine, all guns ablaze!


Geno Breaker, particle cannon charged!


Genji. ultimate getting ready!


Sunday was just as awesome as the kids’ cosplay category went down. The cosplays definitely live up to the prestige of CAGE with the superb craftsmanship. Just take a look at these amazing outfits that went on stage!

Avacyn transformed!


Mercy, heroes never die!


Optimus Prime, Autobots leader!


There was also the special Game of Thrones cosplay pageant hosted by Sky Cable. The very best of Westeros came out and vied for the top prize of $1000. The Night King walked away the winner of this one-of-a-kind cosplay contest (which may not bode well for the rest of the Seven Kingdoms).

For the night is dark, and full of terrors (and cash)


Of course, that’s not saying that the rest of the contestants were any less amazing. The excellent finishing on their armor parts and the detailed fabric work are simply breathtaking! Take a look for yourself in this gallery showcasing their talented entries.


Looking at these extremely-talented entries from the APCC CAGE cosplay contest, we can definitely say that the Philippine cosplay scene is at par, if not rivals with, the international competition scene. What do you think? Let us know in the comments!