Char Aznable VS Ribbons Almark! The dream match begins in Gundam Build Fighters Battlogue!

This is it, the Ultimate Cross-over Battle between Mobile Suit Pilots.

The Hype is real!

They are finally doing it, pitting Mobile Suit pilot vs Mobile Suit pilot from the various different Gundam universes. All those internet debates on who would win if this pilot dueled that pilot? Will superior machinery triumph over skill?

Well this is exactly what Gundam Build Fighters Battlogue is all about and the 1st episode alone features none other than the Zeon Forces’ most iconic, charismatic, & skilled pilot of all time (if not the most famous character in the whole Gundam Franchise) CHAR AZNABLE! And his opponent from Gundam 00 (Double O), the head of the Innovators, RIBBONS ALMARK.

Now checkout the 1st episode here.

DO you guys want more? Well so do I and man am I excited for the next one and episode two looks like it will feature 3 new Gunplas!

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