Fake it till you Make is whats in store for the Re:Creators Spin-off Manga

Its more fun to lie with a Murderous School Girl by your side.

In a Twitter post revealed that a spin-off manga for the Re:CREATORS anime is happening!

The manga is entitled “Chikujoin-san Hashagisugi” as translated to Chikujōin-san is Having Way Too Much Fun.

Re: Creators is an anime series where characters from different stories and forms of media were brought to the real world. Its comparable to the Fate franchise. The title alone of the spin-off is a dead give-away that it will center on the character Magane Chikujoin from the anime. Chikujoin is the  villainous wild card of the anime series. Her plot is that she is a character from the anime series Yoru Mado Kiroku who is a criminal who murdered all of the students of Korougamine Academy.

She possesses the Infinite Deception of Word, an ability allows her to bend reality through lies and deception. By telling a lie and manipulating somebody into rejecting that claim she makes the initial claim become real. Much like in the anime I expect her to be messing things up around her in her own comic and alot of dark humor.

Re: Creators anime is currently being broadcast in Japan.