How Does History Con Philippines 2017 hold up to Last Year’s Event? | Quick Event Review

We compare how HCon 2017 compares to HCon 2016.

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History Con 2017 has concluded, and now we had the chance to reflect on the events, the question has to be asked, what was different this time around?

Setting the bar of a successful convention.


We were granted the opportunity to attend last year’s convention as well as this one, and having experienced both events, we were pleasantly surprise to see the difference between the two. To start with, refer to the image below:

Over 400 hundred exhibitors to see and enjoy, to put it in a more simple word: WOW!


You can easily see the scale of this year’s convention, let alone the vendors, the activities, and stage presentation was HUGE, making the four-day event feel like a more well-rounded experience.

Activities makes a convention, and with these line-ups, you can be sure everyone will enjoy their time.


Without a doubt, History Con 2017 had greatly improved on last year’s event. There were more things to see, stuff to do, and activities to enjoy. There was also a more diverse range of vendors too, from practice and functional¬† melee weapons, to the hottest hot sauce you can put on your burger to toys and collectibles to hair care products you never knew was on the market (heck, they even have a website called Bearded Pinoy) AND MORE!

Also new this year was the FYI Home & Living Fair, which focus more on lifestyle and, of course, the food. The moment you enter the FYI Hall and took a deep breath, you’d know you were going to eat well in an instant! The food there alone was worth the trip! Lastly, the vendors there had a more cottage industry feel to them that gave a warm ambiance to the hall which those that visited with their family very much enjoyed.

History Con’s tag line lives up to the hype.


History Con 2017 undoubtedly improved upon the success of last years convention! The experience we had was immensely enjoyable and, if this trend continues to next year’s convention, you can be sure it will be an epic event to look forward to each year.

the battle was fierce, but after much sacrifice, the ticket booth finally opened.