Lucie Pohl just Hinted at Making an Appearance for APCC Manila 2018!

Mercy me! Please make this happen, APCC!

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Is this really going to happen!?

One of the coolest things that went down during the recently concluded AsiaPOP Comic Con Manila 2017 was, of course Gaku Space (Genji from Overwatch), gracing his presence to all the fans that attended.

As awesome as that was, it actually didn’t stop there.


A recent Tweet by our friends at Back2Gaming showcased Artgerm’s awesome take on our angelic healer. It’s really a no-brainer that this needed Gaku’s autograph right? Take a look at the screenshot above, the cyborg-ninja actually did the expected and requested what everyone actually wanted… Some healing 🙂

In a rather surprising move, Lucie Pohl (Mercy’s VA in Overwatch) made the ultimate rez and commented on B2G’s image:



I don’t know about you but this gave me a good reason to really go at APCC 2018 next year! So AsiaPOP Comicon, please please please PLEASE make this happen!

Because, even Genji knows, you just gotta get that healing, man! :p