Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite is giving PS4 pre-orders a treat!

MvC Infinite HYPE!

The latest installment in the Marvel vs Capcom series looks to be the best yet, even amidst issues about Chun-Li looking like… Well, not so much like Chun-Li. With recent announcements of new characters being revealed such as Gamora, Jedah, and recently Firebrand and Dormammu, the lineup is looking to be very strong and the release cannot come any sooner.


During the PSX Southeast Asia event, Promotions Producer Tomoaki Ayano and Assistant Producer Kansuke Sakurai joined the festivities to talk to the media and to the fans about the upcoming MvC: Infinite release and they did have a few surprises up their sleeve!


Sony Playstation 4 owners will be able to enjoy new characters via an upcoming character pass that allows the players to use Black Panther, Sigma, and 4 unnamed characters that are sure to give the returning cast a run for their money! While you’re thinking about it, a Digital Deluxe edition is now available for pre-order as well and not only does it include new costumes for Hulk, Megaman, Ryu, and Thor, but also a Captain Marvel Major Carol Danvers outfit, exclusive to the PS4!


Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite releases in September 21, 2017 across multiple platforms so hit up your retailer connects as soon as you can because you do NOT want to miss this!