Meow-velous! Kitties get an upgrade with these cardboard cat mechs!

These cats are out to conquer with their kitty-sized cardboard mechs!

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International Cat Day was on August 8, and we’re remembering the feline event in our own unique fashion – with these upgraded mech-wielding kitties! Check out these cardboard mech vehicles designed for the everyday cat:

  • Twitter user Kyoryu Kuramo recently posted pics of this cardboard cat mech suit, complete with pet doors and snack compartments. Perfect for napping and snacking in between battles!


  • This cat mech is equipped with Cat-ling guns and features a bipedal design. Kind of reminds you of D.Va’s M.E.K.A., doesn’t it?


  • Check out this devastatingly cute kitty battle tank! Monster Hunter palicoes would definitely be proud of this Rath-of-Meow assault vehicle.


One has to wonder – what’s next for these cuddly little balls of fur? A cardboard Thunder Tank from Thundercats, or maybe even the Turbokat from SWAT Kats? One thing’s for sure – these cats are definitely not to be messed with!