Netflix DOMINATES APCC 2017 with their massive Experiential Zone!

To call it a booth would be an understatement. It's actually an entire EXPERIENTIAL ZONE!

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Yes, the AsiaPOP Comicon 2017 is in full swing right now and, just like every year, is an experience that you mustn’t miss out on. Various booths try to contend for your attention. However, in the battle of the booths, one in particular stands out from the rest… and that would be NETFLIX.


Actually, to call it a booth would be an understatement. It’s actually an entire EXPERIENTIAL ZONE!

Once you enter, it actually looks like a street filled with Netflix titles. You’ll see nods to the Defenders (and the individual franchises that comprise it), to Stranger Things, and more! It looks like a small combined world of various Netflix titles and it’s really just candy for the eyes.





The street looks amazing and it was just such an experience feeling as if you’ve been transported to this new place away from APCC!


Looking closely at the various titles, you have the iconic Pop’s Chocklit Shoppe from Archie Lore and from the Riverdale Series. It looked like an actual diner and you get free milkshakes. All while you enjoy some sweet Netflix jams through this retro-style jukebox.




And then there’s this whole Stranger Things journey. It starts in a setup that looks like the living room of the Byers complete with a CRTV, Christmas lights, and a Phone that let’s you listen for Will Byers.





And then, there’s this hole that leads to…



THE UPSIDE DOWN! Complete with one of the resident Demogorgons! Seemed friendly enough… or not @___@



An escape hole leads to this set-up with walls with Power Panels. TVs with headphones line the wall where you can watch videos from the Stranger Things franchise. Then there’s a weird van there as well. The coolest thing about this room? YOU CAN GO THROUGH THE VAN! and it leads into the next room.





The next room is a prison. This room is themed towards Orange is the New Black wherein you can do a prison makeover. You also get to don an orange prison uniform for mugshots and other pictures. Additionally, there is also a sandal-making activity that you can take home.









It’s also worth noting that there’s a pictorial room for Stranger Things where there are 4 bikes you can pose with.



Back to the main street, you’ll find a pictorial area for The Defenders!



Lastly, there is the DEATH NOTE VR AREA. Fans of the series will finally get to have a FREE VR Experience of how it’s like to actually get a Death Note!





Once you’re done, you can get some goodies like a Barb Candle and a Death Note shirt by sharing stories on Social Media with the hashtag #NetflixAPCC.


Photo Credit: Ram Ronquillo of GG Network



Many thanks to Netflix for making such an enjoyable experience for APCC! It was definitely a blast!

The APCC 2017 fun continues TODAY! So, if you drop by, be sure to visit the Netflix Experiential Zone!