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    PH Cosplay is DEFINITELY World Class! | An APCC 2017 Cosplay Walkthrough


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    Reunite in Seal M

    This weekend, SMX Convention Center plays host to the AsiaPOP Comic Con, which is probably the biggest geek convention this side of Southeast Asia. Having attended a number of conventions in the US, I was naturally curious about how the cosplay scene is here in the Philippines, so I decided to hop on down dressed as Honoka Kousaka from Love Live and take a look.

    All set for APCC! Fight dayo!


    Much to my pleasant surprise, there were a lot of awesome cosplays at APCC. People came out dressed in their best and paid homage to their favorite characters from various geekdoms. Here are some of my personal favorites from Day 2 of the event.

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    Soldier 76 from Overwatch


    Pokemon Trainer from Pokemon


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    Junkrat and Roadhog from Overwatch


    Assassin’s Creed Ronald McDonald


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    Filipiniana Sailor Moon Squad


    The CAGE guests, of course, were pretty damn stellar with their outfits. Check out these awesome cosplays by Pion KimJin (BehindInfinity)Haiden Hazard, and Myrtle Sarrosa.

    Pion Kim as Hanzo from Overwatch


    Jin (BehindInfinity) as Sora from Kingdom Hearts


    Haiden Hazard as Juri from Street Fighter


    Myrtle as Raven from Teen Titans


    While the ones I mentioned above were my favorites, make no mistake. There was definitely so shortage in awesomeness with the rest of the crowd cosplay scene! Check out more pics in this gallery.


    After all seeing all that, I can finally firmly give my assessment/opinion about PH Cosplay… the Philippine cosplay scene absolutely rocks! The quality of the work, the fans’ passion and dedication to the craft is truly evident as they bring color and life to the convention halls. I can definitely say that the Philippine cosplay is of world-class caliber and I can’t wait to see how much bigger and better we’ll become in the years to come!

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    Cosplayer Ki-Chan
    Cosplayer Ki-Chan
    Cosplayer, collector and fan of most everything related to cartoons, mainly Vocaloid and My Little Pony. Also a dabbler in board games and an aspiring illustrator on deviantArt. Has an unhealthy obsession for plushies.


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