Planeswalkers! Transform and Rollout because Friendship is Magic! | HASCON Exclusive Merchandise Preview


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    HASCON, the premier Hasbro fan and family convention, is coming up this September 8 – 10 in the US, and along with the event come convention-exclusive goodies! Join us as we take a look at some of the unique and must-have items announced for the event.

    • My Little Pony crosses over with Dungeons and Dragons to bring us this exclusive dice tin set, featuring everyone’s four-hooved friends ready for a fantastical D&D adventure!


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    • Magic: The Gathering pays tribute to Hasbro’s classic titles with the MTG HASCON Collection. This card set features cards incorporating Nerf, D&D and the Dinobot Grimlock!



    • Transformers takes on-the-go charging to a different level with this Optimus Prime transforming power bank! When he’s not battling evil Decepticons, Optimus helps your mobile gadgets stay juiced up.


    Excited much for these one-of-a-kind merch? So are we! Here’s hoping these make their way to our shores so we can also get our spellcasting, transforming, and pony-rific goodies!

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    Cosplayer Ki-Chan
    Cosplayer, collector and fan of most everything related to cartoons, mainly Vocaloid and My Little Pony. Also a dabbler in board games and an aspiring illustrator on deviantArt. Has an unhealthy obsession for plushies.


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