Secret of Mana Remake Heads for the PlayStation 4, Vita and PC!

And yes, it will have a Collector's Edition.

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Looks like another console, a handheld, and PC owners will get the Seiken Densetsu treatment! This time it’s the second game in the series!

Square Enix just announced that it is remaking one of its beloved classics Secret of Mana 2. And it already has a western release date, coming in  February 15, 2018 for the PlayStation 4, Vita and Steam users.

Here’s the teaser video:


The remake, aside from the full graphical overhaul will have full voice acting, tweaks in gameplay and a new arrangement. It is also said that there will also be online and local multiplayer for the PS4 and Vita, respectively (from 4gamer).


If you would recall earlier this year, another remake was done for the Nintendo Switch that was called the Mana Collection that has Secret of Mana and Final Fantasy Adventure. Additionally there was also Seiken Densetsu 3 that was released in Japan for the same hardware. It’s good to know that other systems are getting the SoM love, though it feels strange that the remakes spread out into different consoles.

But wait there’s more!


As always, Japan is getting the good stuff. There will be, to no one’s surprise, a limited collectors edition bundle that will be packaged with the game. From the looks of it, the CE contains the usual soundtrack, character figures and artbook that has a pop-up page of the Mana Tree… Boring… Might pass.


Who am I kidding? I WANT THIS!!! Too bad this is only in Japan for now. We’ll have to wait and see we’ll get an international version.