SUPERHOT sizzles its way into the PS4! | Game Review


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Superhot is a first person shooter unlike any first person shooter out there. It was first released in PC back in 2016 and has since received numerous accolades and was widely received as a smashing success. Fast forward to a year and a half later, the PS4 and PSVR gets to experience this fast (or slow) paced shooter that will have you repeating the word SUPERHOT over and over again by the time you’re done with it. Check out our review of this amazing game, out now for the PS4!


Upon booting up the game, I honestly thought that I had received a faulty copy of the game. It showed some sort of screen with lines of white noise but being the excited kid that I was, I decided to wait a little longer. I was then rewarded with a title screen that really didn’t look like one, as it showed some line of code dressed up as a menu of sorts. I keep thinking to myself that maybe it’s some defective download or something, but hey, let’s click it and check it out anyways while we’re here. I finally get to start the game after a few more button presses and I’m greeted by an all white minimalist background with enemies attacking me and I honestly don’t know what to do. These guys come at me and I die in one hit. Welcome to SUPERHOT!

In Superhot, the rules are simple – time only moves when you do and you are frail as f*** because you die in one hit so get ready to die a LOT. Ever wanted to be an action star? Well here’s your chance and you’ll soon discover that things are not as simple as they seem. The first few levels are tutorial levels that will teach you the about how you can stop time, think things through, and plot out a course of action. At its core, this is a first person shooter with familiar controls but it is heavily sprinkled with puzzle elements because you can’t recklessly shoot things all around you. Guns have limited ammunition, you can’t simply melee your way through everything, and again, you die in 1 hit. This makes for some seriously suspense filled gameplay that boils down to literally less than 10 seconds for most levels but thinking it through and actually getting it done will take up most of your time.



One other thing that will take up most of your time is dying but in this case, dying provides a feeling of fun rather than that of frustration (coughdarksoulscough) because the levels seem so easy to pull off but somehow you just keep making small mistakes over and over again. It feels fun because it does not feel impossible, and that’s where the replay factor in this game lies – the feeling of seeing the light at the end of the tunnel but getting there will just take maybe 10 or 20 deaths away. Restarting a level is quick and painless and it is that quick transition from death to trying again that makes this game so addicting.

Upon completing the campaign mission, endless mode is unlocked and it pits you against waves of people just trying to come at you from everywhere which just makes it all the more exciting. Modifiers can be unlocked as well and it offers masochists a way to challenge themselves even further. For youtubers who enjoy gameplay videos of extremely difficult challenges, this game is definitely for you!

After hours and hours of trying, you get to replay your masterpiece and share it for everyone to see. Particularly proud of how you just dodged 10 bullets coming at you ala-Matrix style while taking the baddies out with a pistol you picked up from killing the first dude? How about how you flicked an incoming bullet away using the katana you just beheaded someone with? The way you can end levels is limited only by your imagination and playing them back is certainly a treat to watch again and again.




  • Innovative gameplay
  • Outstanding design
  • Feeling of satisfaction is overwhelming after pulling off a tough level


  • More game modes would have been nice
  • COULD get old quick

Superhot is a fantastic take on a genre that is almost always based upon the backdrop of war. Or a zombie invasion. Innovative mechanics and simple gameplay doesn’t bog down this title which is very easy to pick up but is insanely hard to master. Who says you need realistic graphics to create a good game? Superhot is awesome and it is out on the Sony PS4 and PSVR as of this writing, bringing home an awesome 8.5 out of 10! Check out some more screens below!

Final Score 8.5/10