The Blue Blur is Back! Check out Sonic Mania!

Get nostalgic and take a look at this awesome opening sequence for Sonic Mania!

ONE Store Beta Now Available

If you grew up playing video games in the 90’s like me, you’ll probably remember all the 16-bit goodness the blue hedgehog had to offer. Most of you will agree that the blazing fast gameplay was way ahead of it’s time. His run at the Genesis was really the height of console gaming back then. Ah yes, 90’s kids got it good…


But why hog all the memories right? Fast-forward to today and we now get a fresh new take on the beloved franchise! All in it’s pixel-perfect glory for a new generation to appreciate! Check out the opening trailer for Sonic Mania!

Man, those updated features makes me want to make a “speed run” of the game again! (pun intended) I remember playing the game so much that the cartridge’s battery pack died, forcing me to play from the beginning everytime.  To which I’m not complaining.


Man I miss being that kid without a single worry in the world. Hopefully by playing this game, I can experience a piece of my childhood back again.

Sonic Mania is available right now for the PlayStation 4!