The Gunpla Gang is back together in Gundam Build Fighters GM’s Counterattack

Ready your Gunplas coz its time to battle once again!

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Sei Iori is back and so is the rest of the gang in what looks to be another Gunpla brawl battle bonanza! Checkout the trailer HERE

As for the plot.

The day before the ceremony marking the completion of the Yajima Stadium, Nils Nielsen invites Sei Iori, Meijin Kawaguchi, and others to an exhibition battle using the new large-scale battle system he has designed. Now that they are all reunited, Sei attempts to show off the Build Strike Cosmos that he has upgraded for the exhibition, but then he notices something missing… Meanwhile, somebody takes control of the stadium’s systems, sealing Sei and the others inside. Before them appears a mysterious group, which has come to challenge them to Gunpla Battle.

From GundamInfo

I wonder whose this mysterious group and that Build Strike Cosmos looks kkkiiinnnndaaaaaaa like the Burning Gundam from GBF Try… This looks to be another good one because mecha vs mecha never gets old! ^_^