There’s Going to be a Final Fantasy XV: Pocket Edition for your Smartphones!

No console? No problem!

Yes, you heard that right.

Square Enix just announced Final Fantasy XV: Pocket Edition, a new game releasing later this year for iOS, Android, and Windows 10 devices. Check out the teaser trailer below:


The mobile game looks to be a retelling of its older brother from the console titles. The characters are remolded into smaller and cuter versions of themselves.


Seriously. Look at it! Cindy just gets more kawaii-er everytime I see her.


It features a cute art style and simplified user interface that is best suited for mobile devices.


The main story is said to span a total of 10 episodes, which will be readily available when the game rolls out. For those who want to test the waters first, its good to know that the first episode will be free to play.

Whew, a lot of FF stories coming out recently… And I’m not complaining!

Thank you, Gematsu!