Wanna be part of the Dissidia NT closed beta for the PlayStation 4? Here’s how!


ONE Store Beta Now Available

Ever wondered who would win if Squall and Cloud went head to head? How about a war of the great mages like Terra and Kefka? These are all dream Final Fantasy matchups but let’s take it a notch higher and pit these iconic characters in 3v3 team arena battles and what do you get? Fast paced and exhilarating battles that is definitely not for the faint of heart!

Dissidia NT is the latest game in the Final Fantasy franchise and while we have to wait a while for the official release to come out, we can all settle for the closed beta test that will run from Friday, August 25th through Sunday, September 3rd on the PlayStation4! All you have to do is log on and stake your claim to take part and if are one of the lucky people chosen to take part, an email will be sent to you containing more information on how to access the beta test.

May the gods ever be in your favor and as you wait, feast your eyes on the action that is Dissidia NT in this gameplay trailer