Come Together, Right Now… For L2R Clan Tips Of Course!

Level up your game with these Lineage 2 Revolution clan tips.

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Play Lineage 2 Revolution they say. Farm some monster cores they say. Enhance you weapons they say. Join a clan they say. Wait, did they say clan? Well if your playing this game, you know that Netmarble has got your back and here are some useful clan tips that’ll give you that extra bump to get more mileage from your game. Checkout the 2-part video explaining about how clans function below.


Players in clans gain benefits that help them power up faster and are granted opportunities to participate in large-scale battles such as “Fortress Siege” and “Castle Siege”.

The 4 primary subjects discussed are the following below.


The foundation of all clan growth is in “donations”. Players can donate “Adena”, “Proof of Blood”, and “Red Startstones.” Players get Contribution Points and Clan Coins for donating.



Players can also get Clan Coins through Greetings. Players can greet fellow clan members in the Clan menu, just as they do with their friends. Players can greet up to 10 times a day to get Clan Coins and Adena.


Clan Level

Clan level gauges a clan’s power. Higher clan level means more clan members and more clan storage slots. Another benefit of higher clan levels is more items and buffs in the Clan Shop. Clan level can increase through donations, but also through clearing the Clan Dungeon.


Clan Dungeon

Clan members face powerful monsters in Clan Dungeons and have chances to acquire “Rare Forgotten Scroll Pages”.
Clan Dungeon boss monsters only attack in retaliation. Clan Dungeons reset at 4 AM on Monday, but can be reset once a day using Red Starstones.

Now that you’ve been schooled, its time to get back online and auto-play this. Well except the part about managing clans. Either way, happy gaming and keep on grinding.