DAIMOS is BACK! Better strap yourself in!

The Romeo and Juliet of Super Robots is back!

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Starting this October, Philippine television network GMA 7 will be re-airing one of the most well-loved anime titles of all time, Tosho Daimos or simply DAIMOS for short from Monday to Friday 8:50 AM. Checkout the FB post from the Astig Authority.



Now before anyone starts asking why not show new or more recent anime titles like maybe Knights and Magic or Fate Apocrypha, let me just say that Daimos along with Voltes V are the two cornerstones that led to what the current Otaku Culture the Philippines have today. These two giant robots are the ones that started and to this day continues to  support the pinoy anime fandom.

Art by Kougen


Of course I would still love to see GMA 7 bring more recent titles from the anime industry but I simply cannot deny the nostalgia and the feels this classic have brought to our homes in our televisions and one of the most iconic mecha transformation.

Get pumped coz its happening NEXT WEEK!