Gachapon is Life at the Tokyo Game Show! | TGS 2017

Gachapon-Golly WOW!

With everyone’s fascination with toys, Tokyo Game Show (TGS) 2017 would not be complete with these gachapon (ガチャポン) or gashapon (ガシャポン).

Colloquially called as gacha or gasha, these are a variety of vending machine-dispensed, usually coin-operated which release capsule toys such as these:

FFXV Gachapon @ TGS 2017!

Several TGS 2017 exhibitors booth have used these gashapon as a treat for its booth participants. Ungeek went around to in TGS 2017 to check-out gasphon-mania!


MSI @ Hall 7

MSI Gachapon

Visitors of MSI booth get a chance to win exclusive MSI items include the MSI Dragon Plushie! 

All they have to do is get a this card from the staff, visit sections of their booth and try-out their high-speed top of the line gaming machines, and have the card stamped.

As soon as you have completed the stamps, present it to one of the MSI staff and to claim the tokens to use in the gachapon machine. Perhaps you’ll have your luck and get that huggable plushie.


Twitch @ Hall 8

Take a photo of yourself with at the Twitch Photo Corner and upload your photo in your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram with the #TwitchTGS2017 to have your turn at the gachapon machine. Items includes Twitch pins, phone holder or keychain.

Wargaming Japan @ Hall 7

Wargaming.Net at Hall 8 also has those items!


23/7 (FUJISHOJI) @ Hall 8

The Japanese RPG, 23/7, also offers these cute gachapons to giveaway the exclusive 23/7 pins, stickers, buttons and more.



Final Fantasy XV (Square Enix) @ Hall 5

FFXV visitors were asked to download the FFXV app on their phones and present to their representatives to claim 2 tokens for FFXV gachapon machines.

One token gets you 1 gachapon toy. Luckily, we were able to get the elusive grand price of FFXV T-Shirt! *yey!* Other prizes includes FFXV pins, buttons and more.

The gachapon fever is so on at TGS that we even saw a guy wearing a gachapon as a backpack!


Today is the last day of TGS, make sure you visit these booths and try your luck to get those collect1ble grand gachapon prizes! Gates open at 10am at Makuhari Messe.

Gachapon-Golly WOW!!! 

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