Get ready to rule the fantasy world! Crystal of Re:Union Pre-registration Event is ongoing!

Fulfill your fantasy and rule the world in the upcoming game Crystal of Re:Union!

ONE Store Beta Now Available

MMO players, get ready to fulfill your destiny and rule the world! gumi Inc., the company who brought us the super-popular role-playing game Brave Frontier, has opened the pre-registration event for the upcoming Southeast Asia launch of the hit game Crystal of Re:Union!



In Crystal of Re:Union, players take on the mission of being the most powerful ruler of the magical land of Midgard. Players build up their kingdom and lead their armies in battles against opposing kingdoms and powerful monsters. Coming to their aid are legendary heroes who possess skills and abilities that can spell glorious victory for the land.


The six legendary heroes of legend


To prepare for the epic journey that lies ahead, you can join the numerous pre-registration events that are happening starting September 11, 2017! To join the events, simply visit the Crystal of Re:Union site and enter your email address. Take a look at these fun and rewarding events that can boost your upcoming campaign!



  • Join the pre-registration milestone campaign and help the entire community get the rewards! With 30,000 registrants, everyone gets a cartload of goodies as a starting gift, including a Legendary Sword Balmung item!



  • Get to know the six legendary heroes and vote for your favorite in the Hero Popularity Poll! At game launch, everyone gets a Top-graded Hero Card of the most popular of the six! Right now, Claudia is leading, so if you want to ensure her victory or help another hero win, don’t forget to vote!



  • Play the browser-based Quest for Mythril mini-game at the pre-registration site! This simple-yet-addicting runner game lets you play as Claudia in a race to reach level 10 and find the elusive Mythril!



Can’t wait for the game? Neither can we! Crystal of Re:union will be available soon on both iOS and Android, so don’t miss this chance to join the game’s pre-registration events and prepare for a fantastic adventure!