It’s a new day! Here comes the new and improved UnGeek.PH site!

Check out an all-new upgraded version of your friendly neighborhood UnGeek.PH site!

ONE Store Beta Now Available

Ooooohh, netizens! Don’t you dare be sour! Clap for your new and improved UnGeek.PH site, and feel the power!



Over the weekend, we’ve updated to a brand new look for a brand new day! And we’re not just talking about a brand-spanking-new site logo (which is officially 20% cooler than the previous one), we’re also talking about all-new, all-different features!



For starters, we’re featuring a new and improved layout that shows a lot of eye candy! Stay up-to-date as we bring you the latest and greatest in all sorts of geek news and happenings!



Want to look for articles related to a specific topic? Worry not, ’cause we have a handy-dandy search feature! Now you can retrieve past and present articles about specific topics at your own leisure!

The new and improved site is now live, so take a look around and don’t forget to bookmark our site to get your regular dosage of updates from all over the multiverse!