Make Mine Manga! Guardians of the Galaxy Gets a Japanese Comic Series


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(And high on believin’)

Kōhei Uchida just launched a spinoff based on Marvel’s immensely popular Guardians of the Galaxy Films!

Titled Guardians of the Galaxy: Galaxy Rush, the new manga is set within the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The story revolves on a battle-royale type “space race” where the winner gets bragging rights on who gets to be “the fastest in the galaxy.” Aside from the GotG fluff, expect to encounter other material coming from Thor: The Dark World as well.

Are we going to see some subtle hints in the manga leading up to Infinity War? Probably not but who knows right? Those who want to check the series can get it right from DeNA’s free Manga Box app. New issues are releasing every Wednesday.

Those who can’t read Japanese though might want to wait a bit for an English release or fansub.