New Tomb Raider Trailer gives many nods to the Game Reboot!

Could this movie effectively translate the epicness of the Tomb Raider Game Reboot?

The bodacious explorer Lara Croft returns to the big screen in 2018! The Tomb Raider movie trailer was released today and there were so many nods to the video game reboot that it made our geek hearts happy!


Alicia Vikander portrays the titular character Lara Croft, who as we all know is a wealthy adventurer with a penchant for the dangerous. In an effort to discover the fate of her father who disappeared mysteriously years ago, Lara embarks on a journey to unknown frontiers and in the process save the world from certain disaster.

The adventure takes Lara to distant shores!


Words cannot describe the geeky feels I had when I saw her use a bow and the pick-axe. There were so many scenes that were almost like recreations of scenes in the game. I hope that we’ll see many more references and that this game-to-movie-adaptation becomes a success. *fingers crossed*


The movie will be coming to us in March 2018!