Retro-Gaming’s Best Bud is a SPUD. Check Out Super Potato in Akihabara!

Take a fold of the old as we tour you to a very well known place in Japan that caters to the old-school gamer!

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Does 8-bit, Family Computer, or even the Virtual Boy ring a bell? If you’re like me who grew up in the 80′-90’s face glued to the television screen playing video games all day (or until your parents had enough) then you’ll probably enjoy this bit of reading.


Recently, the team paid a visit to Super Potato, a well-known building in the heart of Akihabara! Don’t let this old block fool you – this spud is legendary in this part of town; as it caters to even the most discerning retro-game connoisseur. Trust me, your geeky pilgrimage in Akihabara won’t be complete until you journey through time in this area.

Still don’t believe me? Let the pictures do the talking!

Three of the five floors of the building is occupied by retro gaming goodness. We started on the fifth floor and worked our way down.

On the fifth floor is the Retro Gaming center, which serves as a throwback to those coin-operated arcade machines we all know and loved before.

They have all sorts of classic games that you might remember. From Metal Slug to King of Fighters, it’s here and it works just like the day it was first released.

Going down the flight of stairs one can immediately notice all the pages of awesome game art (mostly from popular fighting games) plastered all over the walls! Can you recognize some of them?

Even the stairs has its own connecting art.

The 4th and 3rd floor focuses more on the home-based hardware and software relics of ye-olden time. It also has gaming mementos/merchandise that I’m sure is going to please the most die-hard gamer.


I mean just look at this! Nothing says “At school I want to eat mushrooms at school, go home and play Super Mario” than this cool-looking lunchbox!

In case some of your gaming accessories got lost/broken due to old age, fret not! I’m sure you can have it replaced here!

Remember the awesome handheld called Gameboy Advance? They have a very boastful library in stock.

And not only that! They even have the original Gameboy carts too! Some titles have even multiple copies hanging on the rack.

For those who love their 16-bit era, It’s good to know that everything is well-preserved here, though most of the cartridges here has lost the original boxes, at least they still function for a new generation to enjoy!

For the new gamers out there that got spoiled in their current-gen consoles, but wanted to look back and try how it all started back then, you can actually purchase some working consoles here! You won’t even have to look hard or fight for a famicom – they are in abundance.

See what I mean?

These pre-loved PSX’s really want a new home…

…Along with the games that come with it!

Though mostly in Japanese, they game guides also provide some vintage videogame art that not found elsewhere but here. I’m pretty sure collectors are gonna snatch this up just by the timeless visuals alone.

Does anyone notice this bad boy?

Well this bad boy is so bad that it is considered as one of Nintendo’s biggest failures. Not only was is it unwieldy to bring around, it also gave the player serious eye strain because of prolonged use.

And how did I know all of that? Because for the first time in my life I actually tried it myself! It was good enough for me to appreciate the Virtual Boy at least. Hey they learned their lesson for sure right? And they made up for it in spades now.

This building truly is a time capsule of awesomeness. I’ll say it again, no trip in Akihabara is complete till you visit Super Potato. So the next time you visit Japan, make sure to put this one on the list! Till next time folks, always keep on gaming! (No matter the generation)


Super Potato is located at 3F-5F Kitabayashi Building, 1-11-2, Sotokanda, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo. They are open on 11.00am – 8.00pm on weekdays and 10am – 8pm on weekends and public holidays. Telephone number 03-5289-9933

Check their website at

(Pictures taken with the OPPO F3 Plus)