The KH World Goes TSUM! The Kingdom Hearts Tsum Tsum collaboration event is on!

The world of Kingdom Hearts gets a cuteness overload with Disney Tsum Tsum!

ONE Store Beta Now Available

Keyblade masters, prepare to traverse a whole new world of cuteness! SQUARE ENIX has just announced the start of an exciting  collaboration event between their Kingdom Hearts Union x [Cross] mobile game and Disney Tsum Tsum!



Starting September 8, 2017, the adorable chibi-fied characters of Disney Tsum Tsum make their entrance into Sora and Riku’s world in a number of time-limited events. Check out this list and mark your calendars to make sure you don’t miss out on anything!


  • Four new extremely cute but extremely powerful Tsum Tsum Medal Summons will be available from September 8 to 21. These medals can be obtained via a new ten-medal draw system, and each draw is guaranteed to get one Tsum Tsum medal. Feel the power!


  • Event quests will be opened from September 11 to 24, where players can battle the cute-yet-dangerous Tsum Tsum Heartless and receive event-themed rewards like avatar parts and Jewels. There will also be limited-time boss raid events starting September 18 – be sure to team up with your friends to take down the boss and collect the Raid Coins!


  • A new companion Pet system will also be introduced starting in late September. These adorable friends will be able to equip Medals and also be customizeable in appearance. Along with these cute critters, all players will receive 3000 Jewels as a login bonus! 3000 JEWELS! That’s like an early Christmas present!


Don’t miss this limited chance to get the Tsum Tsum items and chase the Heartless away! Haven’t played Kingdom Hearts Union x [Cross] yet? Well, get those mobile phones out and download the game now! KH Union x [Cross] is available on the App Store for iPhone and Google Play for Android. Meanwhile, if you want to get more Kingdom Hearts hype, be sure to check out the Kingdom Hearts 3 trailer and the Kingdom Hearts Toy Story reveal!