Ungeek and PayMaya will let you win exclusive Tokyo Game Show 2017 Merch!

Everything we buy, you win! You in?

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Tokyo Game Show, the mecca of console gaming, is happening once again this week and we’re stoked to be back covering this prestigious event once more.  This year, we thought we’d bring the experience much closer to you guys by giving you a chance to bag exclusive Tokyo Game Show Merch, thanks largely to PayMaya.

If you’re new to the site, we were able to cover the Tokyo Game Show last year and was totally floored when we got in the Merch Booth – which is approximately the size of 3 SMX halls.

If the trend is to be believed, this year’s Merch Area will probably be bigger than last year’s. Lord, save us!

We saw a lot of gaming and geek-centric merchandise ranging from apparels, small plushies to expensive figurines. Our hearts were overjoyed but our wallets…well, let’s just say we’re not in speaking terms right now. ☹


This time around we’re going on a TGS 2017 MERCH CHALLENGE and try to keep within a certain budget. Enter PayMaya, the convenient way to shop without bringing cash.

This e-payment system also acts as a debit-card of sorts and that’s exactly what we need to ensure our bank accounts do not bleed dry.

We brought our PayMaya card with us and will try to get as much TGS and/or Tokyo-exclusive merch with a budget of Php 10,000 or roughly US$200. The challenge is to use just PayMaya to survive the Merch booth dive!

Here’s where things get interesting. Whatever we end up buying, you guys can get the chance of owning!

Yup, EVERYTHING we buy from this Tokyo Game Show PayMaya Merch Challenge, we’ll raffle it off to the community.

You can boast to your friends that you got fresh swag from one of the largest game shows in the region with a few easy steps!


Before we start, we’d like to ask you to PLEASE LIKE/FOLLOW both Ungeek.ph and PayMaya’s Facebook pages. As this is a community event, only those that liked our pages are eligible to win. Done? Okay here we go.

  1. LIKE and SHARE this article with the hashtag #UnGeekTGS17 #PayMaya #MerchChallenge
  2. Download the PayMaya App on your iOS or Android devices. It’s free, setup is easy and anyone can download and register as long as you have a valid cellphone number.
  3. Comment on what you want to win and tag a friend or two. Also don’t forget to include a photo/ screenshot of your phone proving you’ve downloaded the app. Like this:

Leave the comment & screenshot here: https://www.facebook.com/ungeekph/posts/733881340129422

We’ll reveal exactly what you can win in the days to come (particularly since we haven’t seen the actual Tokyo Game Show merch itself). We MAY explore some of these options, too, though.

Sonic Chopsticks, SEGA socks pack, Persona folders, Persona Business Card Holders and P4 Eyewear case and that’s not all!

AND one lucky winner gets to bring home a SQUARE ENIX CAFÉ EXCLUSIVE Gift Pack.

(L-R) Noctis 8-bit lapel pin, FFXV stamp, FFXV Square Enix Cafe Exclusive Pen

And, because we’re feeling a wee bit generous, we’ll be throwing-in this Bandai-Namco VR Zone-exclusive Wafer as well.


We suggest you start downloading the PayMaya APP on your iOS or Android devices and checking the site out from time to time. We’ll be outing a ton of Tokyo Game Show content, too including this year’s merch booth tour!

Promo runs from now till October 7! EXTENDED UNTIL OCTOBER 14!

*Winners must claim their prize at the PayMaya office unless otherwise specified. 

update: 09/29/17

Exemptions and Eligibility

  1. The contest is open to community members of both PayMaya and Ungeek.Ph
  2. Winning contestant must be physically capable of claiming their prize at the PayMaya/ Voyager office in Reliance Street, Pasig, Manila, Philippines (PayMaya and Ungeek will not shoulder transportation cost).
  3. We will allow a proxy to claim the prize so long as they can present a letter of authorization and a xerox of 2 government-issued ID (Driver’s license, passport, SSS, TIN, etc.)
  4. Employees of PayMaya and Ungeek.Ph and their relatives of up to first degree of consanguinity are disqualified from joining the contest.
  5. In the event that the prize is not claimed within 30 days after announcement of winners and/or of initial contact, Ungeek. Ph and/or PayMaya will dispose of the said prize in any manner they deem fit.