5 Simple Geeky Halloween Costume Ideas that You Can Use!

Simple yet EPIC Geeky Halloween Costumes to celebrate the Spoopy Season!

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Halloween is just around the corner! Do you already have a Halloween costume in mind? If you’re still looking for easy geeky costume ideas then you’ve come to the right place! For the recommendations we’ll be placing here, well try to keep it to non-“Super Cosplay” levels since those involve A LOT of work and time to successfully put together. Okay, let’s start!


1. Tony Stark (Iron Man)

Image source: http://bit.ly/2zOeURd

Okay, this particular one I actually did myself. This one is SUPER SIMPLE to do and looks hella awesome… because seriously… TONY STARK. Depending on what version of Tony Stark you want to go as – business Tony, Workshop Tony, or super casual white undershirt Tony – you just need the right clothes and facial hair (which you can also fake with markers etc if you dont have it naturally). I would recommend Business Tony just because it’s an outfit that you can wear to ANY function and still look good.

Now, the tricky part is the damn Arc Reactor. While there are many instructional articles out there on how to make your very own Arc Reactor prop, what I did was go to the hardware store and look for a battery operated flat light (They look like flat-ish discs with multiple lights on them). After purchasing it, all I did was tie a string to the handle and wore it like a necklace. I wore a shirt on top and a jacket and VOILA! Tony Stark! Here’s the finished product. (It’s an old photo I took of me back in 2011 when I did it)


2. Rey Skywalker (Star Wars Episode VII)


YouTube channel Pins and Things created a nice quick video on how to make your very own DIY Rey Costume. You can check the video out right here:

You’re probably thinking “Hmm… that’s a bit of work.” While that may be true if you follow every step in detail, you can also take some shortcuts and simplify. Replace the “purse” bracelets with something else or skip them entirely. The key things that make this look are the arm bandages, the outer cloth that wraps around you, the belt, and having a staff. Nail those and you’ll be set 😉


3. Prince Noctis (Final Fantasy XV)

Cosplayer Rui as Prince Noctis


Calm yo t*ts, Professor Oak because it doesn’t matter whether you’re a boy or girl. As long as you’re an FFXV fan, then you can cosplay this prince. Noctis is actually one of the easier Final Fantasy protagonists to cosplay because of how contemporary his outfits are. All you need are the right outfit pieces and you’re set.

Regular Noctis Attire


Formal Noctis


Once again, if you wanna go for ACCURACY then yea, this may involve some work and some budget. But if you want to just look the part, then it’s easy. Just match the attire he has with whatever clothes you have. The biggest challenge of pulling off the look though is the hair – his signature styled gray hair. You can do make-up too and use a wig but that’s optional. Hair dye is okay and then just styling your hair with hair product to get a roughly accurate look.

BUT if really wanna pour in some work, here are some tutorials to help you out.




4. Mary Jane Watson (Spider-Man)


This is a REALLY easy costume to pull off. The key factor here is the shirt. If you don’t have it, you’ll only really need to have it done by a shirt printer. Of course, long hair is also a thing you need. Yes, you could go the red-head wig route but even black long hair should be fine as long as the shirt is there. The ripped jeans also complete the look and, if you’re already doing this, be sure to take a photo to replicate the Spider-Man cover 😉


The Comic Book Cover


Cosplayer Ainlina as Mary Jane Watson


5. Clark Kent (Superman)

Clark Cosplay by Diglettcosplay

This one is another easy yet pretty epic one. And all you really need is the SUPERMAN SHIRT (which you can buy in a lot of places). The outfit is really pretty simple. Just put any long sleeve shirt above it, do normal street wear, have glasses, and open up the shirt to reveal the Superman shirt inside. Simple yet AMAZING!


Hope this helps you guys with your Halloween Costume ideas! Would you happen to have any MORE suggestions? Tell us about it in the comments!

Til next time, guys and gals! Hope you have an awesome and geeky Halloween! 🙂